Monday, April 12, 2004

New Day, New Park

It's Opening Day at brand spanking new Citizens Bank Park, the Flyers try to take a commanding 3-0 lead against the Devils tonight at the Meadowlands, and the Sixers are headed to the lottery.

John Smallwood says there's nothing like taking a 1-5 record into Opening Day at your new ball park. Todd Zolecki says the Phils desparately need run support. Phil Sheridan complains that the park wasn't built downtown (isn't this article, say, 4 years late?). The always enjoyable Bill Lyon looks forward to new memories at the Park. Don Steinberg is wowed by all the high-tech gadgetry at the new park, and also takes a peak somewhere the paying public will not get to see: the clubhouse. Larry Eichel covers a multitude of topics, including food, premium seating, and the new revenue streams that the Phils' new home will provide.

Tim Panaccio says tonight the Flyers will try and maintain the momentum they have against the Devils. Ed Moran talks about the intensity of the series, including the horse-with-blinders-on mentality of net minder, Robert Esche.

Since the Sixers were eliminated yesterday (merely a technicality, they were eliminated for all intents and purposes months ago), we are no longer contractually obligated to link to the articles that their poor beat writers still have to write...

Comcast SportsNet has the Phillies home opener against the Reds at 1:05, and Flyers-Devils Game 3 (also available in HD) at 7.

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