Thursday, April 08, 2004

A New Day

Welcome to! Today marks the start of this site. Two years ago today, it's "parent site", Boston Sports Media Watch, was launched, so it seemed fitting to begin posting today.

Well, the Sixers season is winding down (their "magic number" for elimination is down to 2), the Flyers open their annual playoff run (some would say April swoon) tonight at the Wachovia Center, and the Phillies season has now officially kicked off.

Tim Panaccio reports top defenseman Eric Desjardins is out for the playoffs with a "snapped forearm" after playing catch with his son. Another article by Panaccio has Flyers head coach Ken Hitchcock saying this about playing their archrival the New Jersey Devils: "They've had their day in the sun. It's our time now. If there is a team to knock them off, we're ready for that." Way to go Hitch. Rich Hoffman stirs the controversy pot by asking whether Desjardins tried to come back too soon.

We're contractually obligated to mention the Sixers while they still remain in contention for a playoff spot. Marc Narducci has up-and-coming rookie Willie Green remarking confidently, "We are capable of winning the rest of our games. It's just a matter of going out and executing and doing what we have been doing the last 10 games." It's just too bad they waited for so long. And please, no more of the tired arguments from the camp of Howard Eskin disciples that they are a better team without AI. John Smallwood looks on the bright side of making the lottery: hoping to find the "diamond in the tough." This will be the first time the Sixers have made the trip to Secaucus since they drafted Larry Hughes in 1998. Please don't ruin my day and mention the name "Paul Pierce." About the only bright spot to the Sixers' season has been the surprising play of the young players, Samuel Dalembert, Willie Green, and even Kyle Korver, none of whom were high draft picks. Their draft selection will have to be a very good one in order to turn this mess around anytime soon.

Todd Zolecki has the Phils following their script to notch their first one of the new season. Marcus Hayes says smokin' closer Billy Wagner was clocked at 99 yesterday. Kevin Mulligan has his list of the best and worst features of brand spanking new Citizens Bank Park.

Comcast SportsNet has Game 1 of the Flyers-Devils playoff game at 7:30. CN8 has the Phillies continuing their series against the Pirates at 7:05.

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