Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Next Series

Bill Lyon waxes poetic about Billy (the Kid) Wagner. Todd Zolecki says now would be a nice time for the Phillies to start beating the Marlins. John Smallwood agrees. Paul Hagen looks at the standings and observes that the Marlins have lost some games this year, and that yes, they can be beaten.

Tim Panaccio says Kim Johnsson could miss the next series due to a "hairline fracture of the fourth metacarpal bone" in his right hand. Ouch. Rich Hofmann believes Sami Kapanen might see more time on defense as a result.

Bob Brookover discusses draft day possibilities for the Eagles. Les Bowen says the Eagles could still move up or down in the draft. Stephen A. Smith is outraged by the Maurice Clarett ruling.

Comcast Sportsnet has Phils/Marlins at 7:05 (HD available). You can check out the Flyers next opponent, the winner of Ottawa/Toronto series, on ESPN at 7. TNT has Knicks/Nets at 8 followed by Mavs/Kings at 10:30. Speaking of the NBA, so far, through today, the home teams are 10-0 in the playoffs (and only 2 of those 10 games have been decided by 10 points or less). For all you trivia buffs, the last time the home team prevailed in every Game 1 of the first round? 1990.

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