Tuesday, April 27, 2004

An Off Day

Tim Panaccio knows its hard for Jeremy Roenick to keep quiet for these playoffs. Ed Moran doesn't think Coach Hitchcock has much to say to the media yesterday either. Philly.com is exchanging some articles with the Toronto Star, including this article by Dave Perkins (link to original article on The Star's website). Mark Zwolinski has Pat Quinn, the George Karl of the NHL, continuing to gripe over the officiating.

Todd Zolecki looks at Jim Thome's .344 average in April. Marcus Hayes has Ricky Ledee chastising Bobby Abreu somewhat, "it shouldn't take anybody... to tell him those things." On Sunday's Sports Final, Howard Eskin reported that closer Billy Wagner chewed Abreu out for not hustling to catch a playable pop-up earlier in the season. Keep an eye on the clubhouse chemistry. Paul Hagen says that Scott Rolen has been a Cardinal for 2 years, but had a tough time putting Philadelphia behind him.

According to Jackie MacMullan, Boston Globe columnist, Mark Blount will be a Sixer next year (you have to hunt to find it, but look under the "Sunday Night Shows" subheading). At least that's what she said when making an appearance on a New England sports show this weekend. Stephen A. Smith appears to let personal feelings toward Isiah Thomas cloud his vision, as he recommends that the Sixers "take their cue" from the Knicks' moves this year. Sure. Thomas is certainly one to emulate. He ran the CBA into the ground, coached the Pacers to three successive years of underachieving first round losses (it is no accident they achieved their franchise best 61 wins the year after Bird fired him), and now he's hitched his wagon to an aging Penny Hardaway, a gunner's gun in Stephon Marbury, recovering alcoholic in Vin Baker, and "fugazy" Tim Thomas! Billy King, sign up for the lessons now!

Rich Hofmann says the Eagles didn't need John Welbourn anymore, which is why they got rid of him, not necessarily because he ranted and raved against the organization.

Kevin Mulligan doesn't ever want to hear Philly fans trashed again, after hearing Yankee fans boo Derek Jeter and actually chanting, "Let's Go Red Sox."

CSN has Phillies/Cardinals at 8:10. TNT has Heat/Hornets at 8 followed by T-Wolves/Nuggetsr at 10:30. Last night, the domination of the higher seeds continued with the Pistons and Kings taking 3-1 series leads on the road. Higher seeds have now gone a combined 25-5 through yesterday's games. Hockey enthusiasts waiting for tomorrow's Flyers game can watch ESPN2, which has Montreal/Tampa Bay at 7, and ESPN has Detroit/Calgary at 9.

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