Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Are Ya Feelin' Lucky? Well, Are Ya?

Hopefully the Sixers are. Phil Jasner breaks down the Sixers odds in tonight's NBA draft lottery: 3.6% chance to land #1, 4.2% chance to land #2, 4.9% chance to land #3, 72% chance to remain at #9, and 14.6% chance to drop to #10. Sixers coach Jim O'Brien made some headlines this morning after comments yesterday that he "would not necessarily have Jameer in the top 10 in the lottery," according to Jim Juliano. Jasner called in to WIP late last night while Dick Jerardi was on to discuss the comments. In one of his articles today, Jasner quotes O'Brien, "If I had to make the call--I'm not making the call--I don't think that scenario is going to happen." Keep an eye on the situation. Let's hope O'Brien and Billy King have a great relationship, since it was the souring of the GM-coach relationship that led to his resignation from the Celtics. Also, I find it interesting that a St. Joe's guy would flat out say the Sixers weren't looking at Nelson. Plus, the comments do seem a bit premature, as the Sixers don't even know where they will be selecting in the draft yet (they will after tonight). Shouldn't they at least blow a little smoke and feign interest, if only to throw off the other teams? Unless they are using reverse psychology and that is what they are doing...

Todd Zolecki says the Phillies' offense finally stalled last night, as they got blanked 5-0 at Shea Stadium last night. Marcus Hayes talks about Jim Thome's return to the lineup. Larry Bowa knows that the Phillies can't keep expecting to win like they did last week when "Big Jim" is out of the lineup.

Ed Moran talks a bit about some comments Bob Clarke made on Monday getting back to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Clarke said the Flyers should be considered a "high revenue" team, not a "high payroll" team, and they shouldn't be "penalized for doing a good job selling out our building, having a good television contract, and marketing and stuff like that." When told of Clarke's comments, Bettman responded, "I may need to have a direct conversation, which may have some economic consequences." Is that a threat to fine? Tim Panaccio also covers this topic, and relates that as far as negotiating a new CBA, neither the owners or the players "can get past the 'threshold' issue of a salary cap." That doesn't bode well for either side. Sam Donnellon wonders if Robert Esche has proved anything yet, as he makes some comparisons to a very simliar run that Brian Boucher made 4 years ago when the Flyers lost in a Game 7 in the conference finals as well. He recalls one of those games, one in which Boucher made an amazing 57 saves in the infamous five-overtime thriller against the Penguins (I still have the black circles under my eyes from that one). Bob Ford wonders what "truth" is, in following up comments from Ed Snider on Monday that the Flyers lost money this year. Flyers' president Ron Ryan is quoted as saying, "where it becomes confusing is that it sounds like there are two sets of books. The difference is that the report we make to the league, as directed by the players association, is different from our own internal audited statement, which we view as the more accurate statement." Two sets of books? Gee, can I operate my personal finances this way? Sounds like it would be a great way to deal with taxes come April 15.

Mike Kern lets us know what Pat Croce has been up to these days. He's parntered with the Inquirer's Bill Lyon to write another book, which can be found on He also has a new reality show coming next fall called Moving In.

CSN has Phillies-Mets tonight at 7:10. ESPN has Game 3 of Pacers-Pistons at 8:30.

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