Friday, May 28, 2004

Not So Fast

Perhaps talk of the Braves' demise has been a bit premature. At least from the Phillies perspective. Kevin Millwood was shelled yesterday, sending fans home muttering under their breath. Jim Salisbury says Millwood can't seem to locate his fastball. Marcus Hayes chronicles the first grand slam in Citizens Bank Park history. I would imagine the fan did not take home that souvenir, in the tradition of the new park. Salisbury says "it will take several years to accurately determine if Citizens Bank Park is the Coors Field of the East," as many visiting managers have complained. The power lineup the Phillies have assembled, coupled with the unseasonably warm weather, have no doubt contributed to the high home run totals. Salisbury's notebook says Billy Wagner and Jeff Cooper have "kissed and made up" (not that there's anything wrong with that): "I went in, we sat down, and we're on the same page. Now me and Coop love each other and we're expecting our first child." Hayes quotes Wagner (since Cooper does not speak to the media): "I thought the forum of communication needed to be opened. He's not a big talker."

Frank Fitzpatrick submits his weekly Morning Bytes and includes this tidbit:
From ESPN the Magazine comes this quote from an anonymous Red Sox teammate about camera-craving Curt Schilling. "If I had one big game to pitch, I'd take Schill over anyone I've ever played with," he said. "But every other day I want to kill him."
Ray Parrillo gets Phil Martelli's predictable reaction to Jim O'Brien's comments earlier this week.
The beauty of this whole thing is some people like vanilla ice cream and some people like chocolate, and to each his own. I don't know what was gained by it. I'm not sure who benefited by that. Every other indication I get is that Jameer is going to be a top-10 pick.'s Bill Simmons rates Philly as the fourth most tortured sports city, behind Buffalo, Cleveland, and Minnesota. He says not winning a championship since 1983 "warrants mentioning." Warrants mentioning? The fact that Philly is the only major city with 4 professional sporting teams without a title in over two decades should give it the #1 spot (as John Smallwood mentioned earlier this week, that's 84 combined seasons without a title, and counting, thank you very much Flyers). At least let us win first place in something. Sheesh. And to answer David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch, who asked this question earlier this week:
Does SmartyMania actually cure Flyeritis– that annual affliction that cripples the little Philly puckheads for three to six months, depending on when the Phillies or Eagles are available to provide another Phabulous Philly Phlop[?]
The answer is no, as I mentioned earlier this week.

CSN has Braves-Phillies tonight at 7:05. ESPN has Game 4 of Pacers-Pistons at 8.

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