Thursday, June 10, 2004

Coors Field of the Midwest?

That's what Jason Strait of the Trenton Times has Larry Bowa calling U.S. Cellular Field after the Phillies won last night's "homer-happy" 13-10 marathon. The win puts them two games behind the Marlins, who lost last night. Todd Zolecki calls it "big-league baseball at U.S. Cellular. But at times it looked like intramural softball in Manayunk." Zolecki's notebook has the Phillies just trying to survive the juggling act with their starting rotation by signing Paul Abbott, who was cut from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Paul Hagen has Bowa lamenting, "I'm tired of worrying about it. If you don't have your people, you do the best you can." Hagen also looks at Jim Thome quickly approaching 400 career homers, something he is likely to do before the Phillies return home to Citizens Bank Park.

Bob Brookover says Eagles' fans should get any ideas of bringing back Jeremiah Trotter out of their head. Les Bowen has backup quarterack Jeff Blake making a good early impression. He says he's "stumbled only once calling plays the last 2 weeks, and that was because Todd Pinkston was making a face at me." Mark Eckel has N.D. Kalu working hard to maintain his role as a starter. Led Bowen has a pretty good feature on Terrell Owens and his generous side. A longer article, but worth the read, I thought. In the article, Owens addresses comments Ray Lewis made last week:
Ray Lewis isn't but one person. I'll be ready. They can say what they're going to do to me, this and that, it doesn't bother me. If they want to take all their frustration out on me, good. That means they're probably not going to be doing what they're supposed to be doing. My main thing is the Eagles winning the game. It's not me against Ray Lewis.
Bob Brookover also discusses an interesting "field trip" the newest members of the Eagles made yesterday, including a T.O. visit to Pat's Steaks. Owens says he's never had a cheesesteak, and from the sounds of it, he plans to keep it that way. He didn't exactly give a ringing endorsement of the Philly delicacy:
I've got to keep these six packs. That's not part of my diet. I had a fresh tuna salad sandwich on the bus over here. My body is clean. I put good gasoline into my body. If I ate here, I'd be done for the rest of the trip. I'd be on the toilet.
I'm sure Pat was overjoyed by that sound bite. He did mention that Andy Reid might have a "field day" there, and might enjoy "four or five." In the words of Homer Simpson, "mmm...cheesesteak..." (followed by drooling sounds).

Stephen A. Smith continues to wonder at the coaching blunder at the end of Game 2, and includes this quote from a Joe Dumars' confidant: "Chances like that don't occur every day. Joe knows that better than anyone, so just imagine how furious he is. I'm practically family to him and I'm scared to talk to him. So I know LB should feel that way." Stephen A. reminds us that Philadelphia is all to familiar with the frustration and the "moments of the inexplicable" that accompanies the "greatness and genius" of Larry Brown. ESPN's David Aldridge joins in on the second guessing of "pound for pound" LB's decision-making.

Phil Sheridan looks at a special "Two on Two" interview that will air on ESPN tonight (see below for more details), and disagrees with Larry Bird's opinion that "the NBA needs more white stars to appeal to the white fans," and feels that might have been true in the past, but one look in suburban middle schools full of "skinny white boys with baggy jeans and sideways baseball caps" is enough to dispel that notion. A pretty good article, I think, that doesn't make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to Bird's comment that pro basketball is a "black man's game."

Marc Narducci has a look at what Randy Ayers has been up to since being fired by the Sixers last year. Ayers is still on the team's payroll through the remainder of his contract (another two years), unless he takes another job. Ray Parrillo looks at St. Joe's guard Delonte West's workouts in Chicago. According to one anonymous scout, West is "a second-rounder all the way." I also found it interesting that because he made trips to Portland, New Jersey, Indiana, Boston, Orlando, and Chicago, he is obligated to reimburse those teams if he decides to stay at St. Joe's. Yet another reason the NCAA should be ashamed of itself.

UPN 57 has Phillies-White Sox at 8:05. ABC Channel 6 has Game 3 of the NBA Finals at 9. ESPN is airing what is turning out to be a controversial interview session hosted by Jim Grey featuring Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James at 7.

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