Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hitting For the Cycle

David Bell managed to accomplish that last night, becoming only the 7th player in franchise history to perform the feat (the last time it was done by a member of the Phillies was 1995). The Phillies slugged their way to a 14-6 win over the Expos. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going for the remainder of their homestand. Jim Salisbury and Paul Flannery have the game stories. Marcus Hayes has a little bit of leftovers from Mike Lieberthal's benching over the weekend (he returned to the lineup last night). He says he was upset, particuarly on Sunday, because he "was excited to face Schilling." Salisbury has GM Ed Wade pondering potential roster moves:
If the right thing comes along and the trade is value for value, we'd consider it. But right now, we're not seeing value for value. Other clubs are looking at our situation with having a new park and they think we'll overpay. We're not going to overpay to the extent these clubs want us to.
Jon Marks has Wade saying, "If the right thing came along there would be no reason to hold off." Hayes has Wade complaining it's "too much of a seller's market" still. Stay tuned.

Joe Juliano was on hand for the unveiling of the Wilt Chamberlain statue at the Wachovia Center yesterday. I had referred to this last week, mistakenly misreading the article I linked to which had pointed to yesterday as the unveling date all along. Sam Donnellon looks back fondly on Chamberlain's life, including an interview he conducted with him back in 1999, less than 6 months before Wilt died.

Kevin Mulligan refers to some idiotic parents who demonstrate just how badly corporate sponsorship has gone, as they named their child ESPN (I wish I were kidding). How long before we have a "Budweiser" and a "Bud Light"? Better yet, how about the "Coors Twins"?

CSN has Expos-Phillies at 7:05. Tonight I'll be at CBP for the first time, so tomorrow I'll try and have a report card of the new park.

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