Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Jameer/O'Brien Saga Continues

It certainly isn't anywhere near "Larry Brown/Allen Iverson" drama, but it certainly makes things interesting and stirs up the pot in an otherwise slow sports day. Joe Juliano quotes Jameer after his workout yesterday: "I'm not saying he was being negative; he was just stating his opinion. Everybody's entitled to their own opinion. But it just gives me a little chip to play harder and just prove people wrong." Phil Sheridan gets Jameer to jokingly say, "He made me cry. I got a lot of calls from a lot of people afer that. He made my mom mad." Kevin Mulligan has Nelson putting things into perspective, adding, "if I go out there and play like I know I will, everything will take care of itself." Speaking of their 9th pick, Caryl Kauffman writes in her notes that there seems to be some confusion between Jim O'Brien and Billy King regarding the prospects of moving down in the draft. King says they "like the players we're seeing in the top nine."

Interleague play begins tonight, which led Larry Bowa to complain about the fairness of scheduling. Jim Salisbury got these Bowa quotes on the off-day yesterday: "The way it's set up is not right. Nothing against Tampa Bay, but the Marlins have six games with them, and we've got to play Boston." However, Phillies president David Montgomery is quite happy to play against the likes of the Red Sox and Orioles, as attendance tends to go way up against these opponents.

Now that the Stanley Cup Finals are over (can you believe Tampa now has 2 championships in 2 different sports in the past 2 years, and we're still waiting for our first in over 2 decades?), Rich Hofmann takes nearly 1,000 words to say that "between now and the contract expiration in September, well, if isn't even worth talking about." Then why did we write about it? Can I have that 5 minutes of my life back?

And in case you needed any further reason to despise Larry Brown and the Pistons (not that you can root for the Lakers either), Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald notes that after the Pistons upset the Lakers in Game 1, Larry Brown reminded the team that the Sixers did the same thing in 2001, only to then lose 4 straight to the Lakers. Rip Hamilton rebutted, "This is a different team. You're not in Philly anymore."'

You can catch Phillies-White Sox at 8:05 on CSN. ABC (Channel 6) has Game 2 of the the NBA Finals (Pistons-Lakers) at 8:30.

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