Friday, June 04, 2004

On a Roll--In the Wrong Direction

Sorry for no post yesterday, I was experiencing technical difficulties (the AC adapter in my laptop was not cooperating), and had a busy day at work, which left no time for the daily submission. Besides, it was deja vu all over again when the Phillies lost to the Mets, in extra innings, on Wednesday night, in about the same exact manner that they lost on Tuesday. so did we really want to beat that dead horse again? And speaking of beating horses, can we give this Smarty Jones coverage a break? I agree with WIP's Glen Macnow. It's a nice story, but must we see this non-stop continuous coverage? At this point, I don't think the horse can relieve himself without having some news station's camera catching his every move. Anyways, rant over, onto today's links...

One of yesterday's bigger stories involved yet another controversy from Eagles' "voluntary" camp. This time the holdout is Corey Simon. Bob Brookover had the story. Les Bowen chatted with Joe Banner, who was "a little surprised" at Simon's absence. The insightful Mark Eckel of the Trenton Times cited a league source regarding the situtation:
They got another situation on their hands. [They] don't blink. If [he] wants out, he's doing the right thing. If he wants a new deal, he's not going to get it that way.
Simon's representatives claim he will report to training camp as usual come July 31. We shall see. Today's "controversy" involves Terrell Owens, who is already demanding that McNabb 'throw him the damn ball' (OK, that "Me-Shawn" reference was a bit over the top). Bob Brookover has T.O. claiming he is "behind on adjusting to Donovan because his ball comes a little faster and I need more work on that." Les Bowen also submits an article about the T.O. "situation." Meanwhile, Mark Eckel talks about Freddy "Fred-Ex" Mitchell, of 4th-and-26 fame, and his being "happy" in his role as slot receiver.

Sam Donnellon thinks the NHL should consider contraction as it gets ready to head into an offseason of uncertainty. Ed Barkowitz invites folks to email him with their opinion on whether Phil Jackson should be considered the NBA's greatest coach once his Lakers win the title this year. Finally, Rich Hofmann, on one hand, says Philly isn't "all that different from other big Northeastern cities" when it comes to their fans, since "booing really is a regional, big-city thing." On the other hand, he claims that Philly is unique when it comes to the way they hold their grudges (see: Scott Rolen, J.D. Drew, and currently, Larry Brown). I beg to differ. Apparently Rich never caught a Yankees game at Fenway in which Roger Clemens was pitching. The Fenway fans' creative chants tell you all you need to know about holding grudges. Look for more of the same fun with A-Rod now in the pinstripes.

Update: The Sixers have announced that they have added Lester Connor to Jim O'Brien's staff of assistants. Conner was with the Celtics for six years, including O'Brien's tenure as head coach.

UPN57 has Phillies-Braves tonight at 7:35.

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