Monday, June 14, 2004

Returning Home

Paul Abbott had a good performance yesterday, and Billy Wagner was able to close the deal as as the Phillies left the Metrodome with a 2-1 victory, and a winning road trip. Todd Zolecki has the game story. His notebook says tonight's makeup game at Citizens Bank Park could be the night for a couple of milestones: Ken Griffey Jr.'s 500th home run, and Jim Thome's 400th. Dennis Deitch says "the right-field seats at CBP [will be] a memorabilia gold mine, with Thome and Junior both hitting from the left side of the plate." I guess this means if Griffey reaches the milestone tonight, this will be one visitor's homer that doesn't get thrown back onto the field, as is the new tradition at CBP? We'll just have to wait and see. In either event, Marcus Hayes has Thome saying both milestones being reached tonight would "be awesome." Over the weekend, Bob Ford seemed to implore the front office to do something to address the injuries and inconsistencies of the starting rotation. Larry Bowa conceded, "Until we get out starters back, we're going to have some problems and that's just the way it is."

Bob Grotz has Terrell Owens explaining some of his comments last week.
Everybody thought I was ragging about getting the ball. But I just felt like, this city is excited about the season. And for us to be able to pull our magic out and make it work, I felt like we needed to be on the same page, as far as chemistry. And that's all that was.
Les Bowen reveals the rather disturbing "deal" that Andy Reid made with T.O., that if he scores 15 touchdowns, "I told him I'd wear the tights." Bowen (and T.O.) noted this is "something one would not yearn to see."

Marc Narducci says "there wasn't a scout or executive questioned who felt [Delonte West] was ready for the NBA" after last week's pre-draft camp in Chicago. On last night's Sports Final, John Clark says that, according to friends and family members, West is leaning toward remaining eligible for the draft.

I may not necessarily be enjoying seeing Larry Brown and the Pistons on their way to winning a championship, but I certainly am enjoying seeing the Lakers self-implode in one of the more stunning outcomes of an NBA Finals in years (decades?) Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press has Phil Jackson whining after the game that his players "just want a fair shake. They want an even break from the refs. They want to feel like they're not playing uphill." Hey Phil, how does it feel? After years of watching MJ, and more recently, Shaq/Kobe, get the "superstar" calls, Coach Zen Master finally gets a taste of his own medicine. Why can't he just admit that his team is just plain getting flat out beat? Albom concludes, "Foks, when they start blaming the referees, it's over." John Smallwood agrees, "this series is over, and the better team is going to win." I wonder what Howard Eskin, who typically drools over Kobe Bryant, has to say about Kobe's performance thus far. If Eskin read (I know, a stretch) what was being said of him by his own beat writers, he might be a bit surprised. Bill Plaschke of the LA Times says that "on Sunday night, trait that he has shown more than all others in his time in Los Angeles, his stubbornness" did the Lakers in. Drew Sharp called it the "Kobe Virus."

CSN has the makeup game of Reds-Phillies at 7:05.

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