Thursday, July 08, 2004

Another Disappointing Outing

The Phils dropped their second straight game to the Mets yesterday, this time losing 10-1, slicing their hold on first place in their division to 1 game over those same Mets. Todd Zolecki and Dennis Deitch have the game stories. Deitch's column cites an in-game chat Larry Bowa had with the Comcast SportsNet crew during a point in the game where the Phils were trailing 10-0, where he said, ''Today is one of those days where you wish you just stayed in bed." Zolecki's notebook talks about Bobby Abreu's being selected to the All-Star team by the Phillies fans on Phil Sheridan says when this was announced at the game last night, Abreu got a well deserved standing ovation. Marcus Hayes talks about how close the vote had been, that it had been too close to call on Tuesday night, that he actually trailed by a couple thousand votes around 6PM, and pulled out the win with 2 million votes at the finish. Deitch talks about the Phils finally kicking in some "marketing" efforts to help get Abreu selected: "There was even a skit between innings during Tuesday night's game where a well-fed man with 'Vote For Abreu' painted on his spacious stomach and back danced with the Phanatic."

Hayes also acknowledges that Mike Liberthal was "just joking" when he was discussing retirement plans after Tuesday's game. Hayes was the subject of some minor ribbing on yesterday's Daily News Live on CSN for not picking up on Liberthal's tongue-in-cheek remarks, a mistake the panel readily admitted could have been made by anybody. Bill Conlin has some rather harsh words for the Phillies TV broadcast crew:
There are a lot of brutal umpiring crews in major league baseball, but none more annoying than the crew of Wheeler, Andersen, Kalas and Graham. What non-stop whining. And it wouldn't be as much like falling asleep naked on a red anthill if the umpcasters weren't basing their personal strike zones on a centerfield camera located several degrees to the right of dead-on. That's so that your view of the plate isn't blocked by the pitcher, of course. Put a camera slightly off center and what you see is not going to be what an umpire sees. But, damn, I'll bet every once in a while, the plate umpire does get a close call right.
Kevin Mulligan doesn't understand why people would stand in line 45 minutes to an hour for a cheesesteak at CBP, which is something I openly wondered about in one of last week's post while reviewing the new park. Harvey Yavener talks about some speculation from baseball expert Peter Gammons, who thinks the Phillies might be interested in Barry Zito.

While talking about Sixers summer league action, Marc Narducci also mentions that talks are "ongoing" with free agent Mark Blount's agent. Well, apparently the talks are ongoing no longer. My colleague at our parent site informs me that Blount has decided to re-sign with the Celtics. The story is now posted on

CSN has Mets-Phillies at 7:05.

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