Friday, July 02, 2004

Back on Track

Sorry for no links yesterday. Let's just say it was one of those days and move on to today's links...

The Phils powered their way to a 10-5 victory, winning 3 of their 4 against the Expos. Todd Zolecki has the game story. Marcus Hayes says there were fireworks, both during and after the game last night. Zolecki's notebook talks about how moving to the leadoff role has helped sparked Jimmy Rollins' production at the plate lately. Hayes says he's not just doing well at the plate, but that his defensive play should give him consideration for a Gold Glove. Sam Donnellon is calling for Larry Bowa's head on a platter: "Sometimes change for change's sake makes sense. This is one of those times." I'm not sure what Sam has against Bowa, but he certainly sharpened his axe while writing this. His timing is a bit off too. This might have gotten a listening ear had the Phils, say, dropped 3 out of 4, instead of putting up over 40 runs in the past 4 days.

Phil Jasner and Joe Juliano describe the courting of Mark Blount, the free agent who played for Jim O'Brien and the Celtics last season.

Don Steinberg looks at the so-called experts and their Superbowl picks, none of which seem to have the Eagles winning the big one this year (though a few of them apparently have them breaking through their NFC championship game hurdle of the past 3 seasons). Steinberg also mentions the interesting marketing being done by the Red Sox front office, as select broadcasts are being aired in select area theaters. For those who watched the out-of-town scoreboards this week, you can see that Philadelphia fans aren't the only ones who suffer. Red Sox fans can now watch the agony in HD.

Phil Mushnick comes down hard on some comments made by Andy Reid about some of his new players who missed rookie camp to complete their college degrees.

CSN has Orioles-Phillies at 7:05.

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