Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Chasing the Braves, Again

Talk of the Braves ending their 12-year reign as division champs was apparently premature. With their 4-2 victory over the Phils last night, Atlanta claimed sole possession of the top spot in the NL East. Todd Zolecki, Marcus Hayes, and Dennis Deitch have the game stories. Zolecki's notebook says the Braves have come a long way in the past 4 weeks, as they were 6 1/2 games back on June 23, and this morning, they're up a game on their rivals in the division standings. The Phillies will have to earn a split of the series tonight if they hope to undo last night's damage. Hayes' notebook has Eric Milton looking to remain a Phillie after this year. Stephen A. Smith has nothing good to say about "Mr. Winless, Paul Abbott (0-4)." He says the "city's patience is rail this at this point, tired of the excuses." Tells us how you really feel Stephen.

In his column yesterday, the Boston Herald's Jeff Horrigan adds some fuel to the speculation that the clubs are planning on swapping struggling starters:
Bill Lajoie, who is a special assistant to Sox GM Theo Epstein, was spotted at the Mets-Phillies series at Shea Stadium over the weekend, fueling speculation that Boston and Philadelphia may be considering a swap of disappointing free agents-to-be: Derek Lowe and Kevin Millwood.
A fairly light day in the sports world otherwise. Don Steinberg reports on a new book called Winning the NFL Way: Lessons from Football's Top Head Coaches. Andy Reid's agent is quoted in there, and makes this interesting observation:
These men are able to do what Jack Welch [the former General Electric CEO who inspired countless management books] couldn't do, and that's to get people who make five or 10 times the money they do, every day, to run, jump, skip, hop - and like doing it. If Jack Welch walked into a meeting room where we all made 10 times more than he did and told us 'Go out and get this done, the way I want,' many of us would get up and leave the meeting.
You can help contribute towards the maintenance of this site and its parent site by purchasing this book on amazon.com using the link below.

Finally, at our parent site, David Scott continues to have nothing nice to say about Philly.
Many people still think C Nothing at 8, 9, etc. . . is nothing more than bad community-TV for Philly. Which, with Lou Cannon always hovering, may very well be true. . . NOTE: Philly joke not intended to anger the legions of Scott’s Shots Philly phans who visit our sister site in our brotherly city. On second thought, those visitors can’t read anyway, so what’s the difference?
Not only can we read, but we can also tell you that your columns are examples of the kind of writing our English teachers told us to avoid.

CSN has Phillies-Braves at 7:35.

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