Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Chicago Flop and a Reunion Tour

Playing a makeup game against the Chicago White Sox, the Phillies went down, 9-8, in a game that seemed to feature a comedy of errors (at this point, who's laughing?) Jim Salisbury, Marcus Hayes and Dennis Deitch have the game stories. Salisbury says the Atlanta Braves are assuming their annual position atop the perch of the NL East.

Meanwhile, the reunion tour that is the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles acquired yet another ex-member when they picked up Hugh Douglas, who was cut by Jacksonville early yesterday. Les Bowen has the story, and proves to be somewhat culture-savvy, as he reports on this signing's impact on fan message board activity last night, as well as understanding Derrick Burgess calling Douglas' return "like Mase coming back to rap." Paul Flannery also has the story of Hugh's return, and as usual, Mark Eckel has all the nitty gritty details of the one-year contract, including incentives, that could come to just over $3 million. Rob Parent says Douglas gives the Eagles "a semi-healthy body that can muster a few sacks here and there this season, and a more-than-capable presence for defensive coordinator Jim Johnson’s run-stop schemes."

Bob Brookover writes that Donovan McNabb isn't worried about his critics, the ones who say he isn't an accurate passer, while answering them back with "it's all about the wins." Sam Donnellon says that McNabb and Terrell Owens have to just get the job done this year, as there will be no excuses. Bill Fleischman says Comcast SportsNet will soon be entering it's "all Eagles, all the time" portion of its broadcasting schedule, and provides programming times for some of the regulars in the fall lineup.

Ron Goldwyn seems to be in disbelief that the Sports Complex will be a parking nightmare well into winter. I guess that's what happens when you mix "four sports-entertainment facilities, the only such concentration of venues in any U.S. city," with a stadium demoliition that is behind schedule. Jon Marks thinks he knows why Team USA failed to bring home the gold (who doesn't?) And finally, David Scott, of our parent site Boston Sports Media Watch, has resumed his pouring salt in Philly's wounds:
A business trip to Philly mid-week will afford Scott’s Shots the chance to drink in some Philly Media Phlavor at the very time when the Phillies are doing their usual El Pholdo and the Eagles are attempting to reel in their usual array of misguided believers (who will be crushed like soulless gnats come January).
What do they say about pride coming before a fall?

CSN has Braves-Phillies at 7:05.

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