Thursday, August 19, 2004

Fading Fast

The Phillies continue to find new ways to lose, as they dropped yet another to the Houston Astros last night, 9-8. Marcus Hayes, Dennis Deitch, and Mike Olshin have the game stories. Sam Carchidi proposes that the Phillies change their slogan from "Real grass. Real fun." to "Real grass. Real disaster." Carchidi's notes says Ed Wade is "not doing daily updates on [the-manager-at-least-for-now Larry] Bowa," and left reporters with a "Bo is our manager, followed by a vague "You can interpret that any way you want." Wade also seemed to get a few digs in at the media, in response to a "Trade Wade" banner hung from the bleachers this week at Citizens Bank Park:
Everyone has their opinions. Some of them are well-thought out and informed; some of them are not so well-informed and are influenced by people's opinions who aren't well-informed.
Jim Salisbury reports on the progress (or lack thereof) of the owners meetings here in Philadelphia, the most pressing agenda item of which is the relocation of the Montreal Expos. Sam Donnellon picks up on a line from the Inquirer's Jim Salisbury yesterday, when he quoted Bud Selig, "we're going to get rid of Montreal," and said Canada's Homeland Security doesn't need to take that "threat" serilously. Jack McCaffery isn't so certain that Larry Bowa will be fired soon, or even after this current season comes to an end. After all, if Bowa can play the "injury card," why can't Ed Wade? That argument might hold water if Wade wasn't responsible for the lineup Bowa has to deal with, and if he had gone out and gotten healthy replacements instead of perfoming his annual arms-folded routine at the trade deadline.

Bob Brookover says Andy Reid will be going with rookie J.R. Reed for kick return responsibilities. Special teams coach John Harbaugh commented on a bad decision Reed made in the preseason game against the Patriots, when he ran back a ball kicked into the end zone:
It's an aggressive mistake, and you would rather see an aggressive mistake, than a tentative mistake. I mean, the guy thinks he can average 50 yards a return this year, that's where his mind is at right now. But my first thought when he runs it out of the end zone probably can't be repeated for a PG audience. After that, I thought: I guess I didn't cover that part well enough.
Shannon Ryan has Carlos Emmons talking a bit of smack, as he looks forward to lining up against former teammate Donovan McNabb. He also foolishly believes "a lot [of Eagles fans] will probably still cheer for me," even though he's wearing a Giants uniform these days. Imagine that. Les Bowen reports that Reid has eased up a bit at practices, as he does not want to unnecessarily risk further injuries to an already depleted defensive team. Rich Hofmann says Jim Johnson will deserve employee of the year recognition if he can rally his defense to overcome the injuries they've faced already. Bob Grotz writes that McNabb doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary from Ray Lewis when the Eagles face the Ravens tomorrow night in their second preseason game. Marck Eckel says Jim Johnson might be interested in getting Brandon Whiting back (he was involved with the Terrell Owens deal with San Francisco), and says that the 49ers have until September 4 to decide whether he has passed his physical or not. Les Bowen says the 49ers have until September 1 (again, isn't it fairly simple to see which of these dates is correct for these reporters?)

Phil Jasner reports that the Sixers may be interested in Ibrahim Kutluay of Turkey. The New York Post's Mike Vacarro says Team USA should look to its captain to lead the way in the Olympics. Yup, that's right, Allen Iverson. He writes:
You've seen Iverson play harder than any American not named LeBron James. You've seen him be vocal when he had to be, you've seen him offer counsel when it was necessary, you've seen him demand the basketball at important stages of the game. You've also seen him take accountability for the Americans' worst singular moment in the 68-year history of this competition.
He concludes his article, "If the captain thinks it's important enough to show up every game, you think maybe it's good enough for you, too?" Perhaps that was a veiled shot to, not only his current teammates, but to the folks who backed away from their commitments to the team. Regardless, I'm sure Howard Eskin will now label Vacarro a "nimwit."

CSN has Astros-Phillies tonight at 1:05.

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