Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Houston We Have a Problem

The Phillies continue their downward spiral into oblivion, as they got blanked yesterday by the score of 5-0. Sam Carchidi, Mike Olshin and Marcus Hayes have the game stories. Larry Bowa poignantly admitted, "you're not going to win many games when you score zero runs." Carchidi's notebook has Eric Milton talking about the damage inflicted on his Fort Myers' home and neighborhood by Hurricae Charley. "Everywhere you looked, it was destruction," he said. Marcus Hayes writes about Jim Thome recounting a story from the 1998 All-Star Game when Roger Clemens (on the mound tonight for the first time against the Phils) gave him some advice during the Home Run Derby. Jack McCaffery has Larry Bowa saying that the rest of this season "will test guys' mental toughness." Jim Salisbury looks at the tenure of Bud Selig as commissioner, who looks back at interleague play, division realignment, and introduction of the playoff wild card as the biggest of his achievements. He'd rather forget having to cancel the 1994 World Series.

The biggest news out of Eagles' training camp was the loss of N.D. Kalu for the season with a torn ACL. Bob Brookover reports that Derrick Burgess was visibly upset with this unfortunate turn of events. Les Bowen gets Jevon Kearse's take on the latest news on the injury front:
Just knowing that he was going out there, helping out the "threes" and giving them an extra breather, it's the last play, so you figure you just go and get a good little pass rush, then call it a day. All you can do is pray for him and hope that he can bounce back to 100 percent.
Bob Grotz gets player reactions as well, including Hollis Thomas, who says not to push the panic button yet. Brookover also gets the reaction of the players to Baltimore Ravens' coach Brian Billick's comments in yesterday's papers. Thomas had this to say:
He's not the coach of our team. He can question things all he wants. He has no idea who the leaders are in this locker room. He's not here. He's in Baltimore. What he said is just ignorant.
Bob Grotz says Ike Reese may know why Billick seems so bitter:
How would Brian Billick know? Has he ever coached T.O.? How can he even make that statement? It just seems to me there's a whole lot of animosity and a lot of bitterness about T.O. not wanting to go to Baltimore.
Meanwhile, Ashley McGeachy Fox reports from Athens, where Team USA was able to hang on to beat host Greece yesterday, 77-71. Stephen A. Smith has Larry Brown lamenting the poor shooting of his team, and by NBA players in general. John Smallwood is sick and tired of Larry Brown complaining about the players making up the roster, when he had a say in who was selected to the team. He also has some pretty insighful comments from Allen Iverson noticing how the international players play as a team. Ashley McGeachy Fox has Iverson's teammates speaking of him 'taking a licking and keep on ticking,' as he played yesterday with a broken thumb.

Sam Donnellon debunks the "Curse of Billy Penn," while at the same time apparently acknowledging the "reality" of the "Curse of the Bambino" and "Curse of the Billy Goat" in Boston and Chicago respectively. Rob Parent has Bob Clarke's reaction to Jeremey Roenick's admission to gambling, in a published report on Sunday. Clarke simply said, "it's J.R. It's just J.R."

CSN has Astros-Phillies tonight at 7:05.

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