Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Problems in Houston

Sorry the links haven't been forthcoming lately, there's some major changes happening for me right now, and I'll do my best to keep this going in the mean time. Today we offer an abbreviated links session, not because I don't have time, but because, quite frankly, it seemed as if all the writers covered the same exact thing, and very few brought something unique to the table...

The Phillies continued their downward spiral, dropping yet another to the Astros last night, 4-2. Todd Zolecki, Marcus Hayes, and Dennis Deitch have the game stories. Zolecki's notebook has Billy Wagner visiting the team doctor today for a "precautionary visit." Sam Donnellon says, no matter the future of Larry Bowa or Ed Wade, Phillies' president Dave Montgomery will be on the hot spot next year. He writes:
It's funny, in a bitter sort of way, to think that one reason the Phillies did not vigorously pursue Schilling last offseason was the thought that, at the advanced age of 37, he might break down. Instead, the rest of the Phillies' staff did. Schilling has been a workhorse in Boston.
Meanwhile, Bob Brookover reports that Corey Simon has a treatable case of plantar fascitis. Rich Hofmann believes the Eagles' success this year will depend largely on the offensive line. He writes:
The arithmetic is really pretty plain. Last season, the Eagles' offensive profile did not fit that of a championship team, not nearly. They ran only 944 offensive plays, fourth lowest in the NFL. They rushed the ball only 417 times, also near the bottom of the league. They scored enough points to win, and made enough dynamic plays, but the Eagles really didn't look all that good doing it, or all that consistent.
Les Bowen looks at the way rookie fullback Thomas Tapeh learned English when moving to this country (it involved watching Mighty Mouse).

Stephen A. Smith says that Pat Croce, while reporting at the Olympics for NBC, caught up with Allen Iverson and Larry Brown and bear-hugged them both. Stephen reminds us of the sad aftermath of Croce's departure:
Croce was supposed to be the president of the Sixers, the captain of a boat steering straight toward a parade at City Hall. It's been three years since he left - three long years of strife, mediocrity and undeniable misery.
CSN has Phillies-Astros at 2:05.

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