Monday, September 20, 2004

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The water in the fountain at JFK ("Love Park") has been changed to "Eagle green," which can mean only one thing: the Eagles are hosting another prime time game in the City of Brotherly Love. Bob Brookover gets Terrell Owens to further respond to Randy Moss' comments last week that there is "no comparison" between him and T.O.: "Obviously, it wasn't a smart comment on his part." In yesterday's Inquirer, Brookover previewed a bit of T.O.'s autobiography, which opens with an interesting story that gives a glimpse into his off-the-field life. Bill Lyon is looking forward to the matchup between two quarterbacks in their primes. Since he doesn't have anything to write about the Flyers, Tim Panaccio has been conscripted into following Jerome McDougle's Madden 2005 XBox exploits. Rich Hofmann wonders how much blitzing the Vikings will try tonight (it didn't work very well for the Giants last week). Les Bowen talks about the success of Andy Reid's teams under the big lights (6-1 MNF, 13-1 in prime time games period), except when the NFC Championship is on the line (so he suggests that they move this year's championship to a Monday night, or at least after 8PM). Interestingly, the Vikings haven't played on Monday night in nearly three years. Bowen also gets David Akers' and Dirk Johnson's thoughts on the (perfectly legal, therefore no fine or penalty) hit that Jeremiah Trotter laid on Jeff Feagles last Sunday. Bob Grotz includes some good stuff from the always-quotable Hugh Douglas, where he somehow manages to compare tonight's matchup using analogies involving lumberjacks, axes, and chainsaws. Al Morganti says the "Big Show" circus is in town, referring to Monday Night Football. He also offers a 34-31 Eagles victory as a prediction. Mark Eckel believes the Eagles' red-zone defense will be the key, and offers his own prediction (34-24 Eagles victory). In yesterday's column, Eckel gets former Eagle Troy Vincent's thoughts on the whole "who's better, T.O. or Randy Moss" argument. OK, one more final prediction, this time in Peter King's MMQB (always a lengthy read). He believes it'll be 30-21. Meanwhile, Randy made some rather disparaging remarks toward his organization last week, as reported in Brookover's notebook:
There's a lot of [stuff] around here that needs to be changed. You name it - from people, to the administration, all the way to the... Metrodome. If I was the owner or general manager, I would do it. But I'm not, so to hell with it.
The Phillies actually played a game yesterday. Todd Zolecki, Harvey Yavener and Dennis Deitch have the game stories on their 7-2 victory. Marcus Hayes reports that Billy Wagner wished to personally apologize to umpire Dana DeMuth, who had ejected him from a game a week ago for allegedly throwing at a batter. Coincidentally, DeMuth was on vacation ("interesting timing," says Hayes). Mike Olshin chats with Wagner, who'd just like to put this forgettable season behind him and look to next year. Jim Salisbury ripped Carl Everett in his column yesterday for making negative comments about Phillies fans. Everett alleged that "they throw golf balls, bats, everything." Salisbury set the record straight, and aimed a few shots Carl's way.

Phil Jasner's article shows the NHL isn't the one league with labor issues: the NBA and its refs have yet to come to an agreement, and it's possible that replacement officials could be used this year (but hey, on the bright side, Dick Bavetta won't be able to "fix" Kobe Bryant's Lakers to get into the playoffs). Ronnie Polaneczky tried marketing "salary caps" as somewhat of a gag item the last time MLB went on strike in 1994, and is offering what's left of her inventory to readers who email their requests. When Howard Eskin finally returns to the air, we better not hear him deriding savvy internet folks anymore, since he's resorted to starting his own blog, chronicling his activities during his suspension from WIP. He seems to be enjoying his down time, but a quick look scan of his site (where some pictures show him going to town on a burger loaded with the works), and I'm sure he's lost his credibility as a spokesman for LA Weight Loss. Speaking of bloggers, Jack McCaffery admits he just doesn't "get it" (do you think he's stumbled across this site, and doesn't particuarly care for some of the valid criticisms aimed his way?)

ABC has Vikings-Eagles at 9:00 in the first of three Monday Night Football appearances for Philadelphia this year.


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