Tuesday, September 14, 2004

"The Eagles Have Landed"

Sorry for no posting yesterday. I actually did get through the million articles following the Eagles' season-opening win over the Giants, but just didn't get a chance to link to any of them. Anyway, today's headline comes to us courtesy of Jevon Kearse's reaction to Terrell Owens' unique touchdown celebration routine on Sunday. Onto the links...

It's NFL season, which means Bill Lyon is back to his usual job of waxing poetic about the home team. Bob Brookover wonders what Andy Reid will do to to replace Shawn Andrews, who suffered a season-ending broken fibula in Sunday's game. Speaking of shoring up the O-line, Mark Eckel jokes that maybe the Eagles can trade for Kansas City's John Welbourn, who was flagged for 3 penalties on Sunday. Shannon Ryan has a look at Derrick Burgess, who was just happy to make it through the game without ending up on Reid's post-game "Injuries..." report. Marc Narducci provides a glimpse at next week's opponent, the Minnesota Vikings (in a Monday Night Football showdown), who will be without running back Mike Bennett. Les Bowen notes that the Eagles might have gotten out and acquired some "playmakers," but the coach is still plain vanilla. In yesterday's press conference, Reid understated T.O.'s contributions as a "nice job." Bill Conlin thinks that Reid's press conferences seem a little too much like court proceedings to him, and somehow became so distracted by the coach's monotone voice, he attempted to blind him by reflecting light off his watch, I think. Bill Fleischman looks at the FOX ratings for Giants-Eagles. Jack McCaffery says T.O. might be "the man," but it is Donovan McNabb who will need to turn in an MVP-like performance this year if the Eagles are to get to the Super Bowl.

The Phillies weren't able to make it a lucky seven last night, dropping a 4-3 decision to the Reds. Todd Zolecki, Paul Hagen, and Dennis Deitch have the game stories. Zolecki's notebook has Billy Wagner expressing remorse at his post-game rant after getting thrown out of the game on Sunday. Hagen's notebook contains the quotes in question (they feature lots of deleted expletives).

The New York Post's Paul Schwartz has an article on Terry Bradshaw's comments on FOX's pregame show regarding Giants' coach Tom Coughlin:
There's no way I could play for Coughlin, he is mean and hateful. There's a little part of me that hopes this guy falls flat on his face because that's a total lack of respect for the players. I'm realizing this guy is a jerk.
These comments were apparently in response to a report that Coughlin had fined some of his players for showing up "late" for a team meeting, even though they had been "on time."
Asked for a clarification of his rules, Coughlin said his time is different than ordinary time. "Players ought to be there on time, period," he explained. "If you're on time, you're on time. Meetings start five minutes early."
Nice boss. Meanwhile, the Giants punter Jeff Feagles was still complaining about the "helmet-to-helmet contact" he was allegedly the victim of on Sunday. He is hoping the NFL fines Jeremiah Trotter.

Dan Gross says Howard Eskin is doing something with his time off: keeping a daily diary of how he spends his time. Here's a look at yesterday's entry. Glad Howard's discovered the internet is useful for something besides promoting his useless betting advice. As of yesterday, the page was formatted horribly. It appears this was cleaned up today, as Howard must have figured out how to use the "Enter" button on the keyboard. WIP listeners get to experience a "throwback" of sorts this week, as Eskin's former co-host Mike Missanelli is being paired with Steve Fredericks (who is coming out of his April retirement, albeit briefly) during the 3-7 PM time slot. Is there any way to keep these two on the air even after Eskin's suspension is over?

CSN has Phillies-Reds starting at 7:10.

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