Thursday, September 09, 2004

Eskin Suspended

I have not been been able to listen to WIP today, but according to the Inquirer's Don Steinberg, Howard Eskin has been suspended for 30 days as part of a settlement in a civil suit that Allen Iverson's lawyer, Richard Sprague, filed after Eskin made libelous remarks in 2002 during Iverson's legal troubles in the summer of that year. I had been wondering why we were seemingly seeing more of Eskin on NBC 10's sportscasts lately (has anyone seen or heard from John Clark recently?) I have often been critical of Eskin in this space for his blatant anti-Iverson agenda, and for his often single-handed efforts to run him out of town. Interestingly, whenever Iverson is involved in legal incidents, the numerous incidents of his past are dredged up. At the end of Steinberg's article (which will probably appear in tomorrow's print edition of the Inquirer), numerous incidents are cited demonstrating that this is a pattern of inappropriate behavior and commentary by the self-proclaimed "king of bling."

WIP needs to seriously consider whether allowing Eskin to continue to spew his mean-spirited attacks on its airwaves is in its best interests. To cite his often used line, Eskin needs to do the right thing, and either resign, or clean up his act. This is nothing more than what he has demanded of the target of his scathing comments, Allen Iverson, in the past. It's now simply put up or shut up time for Howard. At least for the next 30 days, WIP listeners who are tired of his act can be glad it's shut up time. Interestingly, a poll on indicates that a majority of listeners (at least those who voted) do not want Eskin back on the air. Of course, these results might just be skewed, as Eskin has not directed his devoted followers to flock to the website and vote in his defense.

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