Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It's Just About Over

The Phillies approached mathematical elimination last night by losing 7-6 to the Reds in Cincinatti. Todd Zolecki and Dennis Deitch have the game stories. Paul Hagen says that technically the Phils aren't eliminated yet, but paints the scenario that must happen in order for them to sneak into the wild card (let's just say there's a better chance of the Arizona Cardinals making the NFL playoffs this year). Zolecki's notebook says that Kevin Millwood will return to the starting lineup for Sunday's game.

Paul Domowitch has a look at Randy Moss' reaction to Terrell Owens' comments that the Monday Night Football matchup would be like "Michael vs. Magic." It seems as if Moss was offended by that pairing, and boastfully claimed "there is no comparison." Domowitch gets several scouts to offer their views on Moss, who some feel "takes plays off." It certainly should set up for some nice drama on ABC. John Nalbone offers an early preview of the matchup of the teams expected to battle for NFC supremacy. Speaking of the Vikings, Marc Narducci says quarterback Daunte Culpepper just wants to 'get the taste of our their mouth' that came from their last game of the 2003 season, when the Cardinals beat them with a touchdown as time expired, keeping them out of the playoffs. Bob Brookover looks at the roster moves yesterday, which had Andy Reid bringing back Dorsey Levens, and cutting Clinton Hart. Les Bowen has some of Hart's former teammates voicing their opinion that he is not likely to remain unemployed for long, as some team is likely to want his services. Bob Grotz gets a few words from Hart's agent, says Shawn Andrews underwent successful surgery on Monday, and reports that the Eagles are 3 point favorites against the Vikings (which is to say, the Vegas oddsmakers are calling this one a pretty dead-even matchup).

Rich Hofmann makes a big deal of the Eagles using instant replay on the Linc's huge end zone screens to their advantage (perfectly legal use, according to NFL officials). If you're interested in some news off the field, Shannon Ryan has a look at Hollis Thomas' car collection. Ashley McGeachy Fox offers her NFL rankings after Week 1. Her #1-3 picks, as well as #32, are pretty much spot on with those from Monday, the USA Today had an interesting article on the Eagles, which contained a chart showing that "only three teams in NFL history have shown upward mobility [improving records from season-to-season] over a longer period" then the current (1999-present) Eagles, and one of those teams was the Eagles (1940-45). I missed a couple of articles over the weekend that were pretty good. Mark Eckel talks about what its like covering the Eagles in his 20th year as the Trenton Times' beat writer. If you scroll all the way to the end of this article from the Boston Globe's Peter May, you will see him give kudos to Phil Jasner of the Daily News, for being the recipient of the Curt Gowdy Print Media Award.

Finally, Rob Parent chats with Keith Primeau on the day that NHL owners are likely to lockout the players. Primeau says things aren't looking very good, and believes the players could be locked out for two, or maybe even three, years.

CSN has Phillies-Reds starting at 12:35.

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