Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Rained Out

The remnants of Frances probably spared another loss for the Phillies yesterday. But the rain only provided a temporary stay of execution, as they've now got a doubleheader against the Braves this afternoon. With no game to report on, Todd Zolecki alludes to a report in the New York Daily News about Larry Bowa possibly coaching the Mets next season. Marcus Hayes gets a quote from Billy Wagner that leaves you scratching your head: "We definitely need to get a good feeling about ourselves heading into October." Heading into what, the end of a disappointing season? Because they're certainly not heading into the playoffs. Jack McCaffery sums it up this way:
Billy Wagner did not perform as expected this season, and neither did the Phillies. That connection is sturdy and clear. So, that question again: What might have been? And this answer: It’s worth trying to find out again in 2005.
The Eagles have taken steps to keep Andy Reid at the helm into the next decade. Bob Brookover reports that his extension will probably earn him more than Bill Belichick of the defending Superbowl champs. Reid calls Philly "one of the best cities in the country." Meanwhile, Brookover says Todd Pinkston is still trying to live down his infamous "lack of focus" comments after last year's disappointment performance in the NFC title game. Shannon Ryan reminds Kurt Warner that the last time he won as the starting quarterback was against the Eagles--well over two years ago, in the first NFC title game appearance of Reid's team. Bob Grotz says a lot is riding on the offensive line this year. Mark Kram has a nice feature length article on Dhani Jones, who wants to be remembered for being more than just an athlete. Sam Donnellon didn't have anything better to write about, so this is what he submitted today:
Anyway, all these thoughts started to rush through my head yesterday as I sat at a red light and watched the tractors pushing around the Vet's remains, churning it into a parking lot. What if buildings have spirits? What if buildings have tortured souls? What if the Vet is still standing there, invisible among the rubble, sucking opponents popups over the new park's walls, sucking the energy from the Eagles at the most inopportune times, slamming some whammies on pitchers' arms and running backs' foots. Just a thought. Sleep tight, all ye eternally heartbroken fans.
Finally, Don Steinberg reports on ESPN's creation of yet another channel in their lineup, this time one featuring college sports.

CSN has a doubleheader featuring Phillies-Braves starting at 4:35.

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